Track Inclusive Multi-Tasking

The TIMT (Track Inclusive Multi-Tasking) is an advanced multifunction vehicle used by the State Railway of Thailand (SRT). Designed to optimize the maintenance and monitoring of railway tracks, this vehicle performs several essential functions:

  • Debris suction on the tracks: Equipped with a high-performance NEU system for efficient cleaning.
  • Pruning and brush clearing: Maintenance of track surroundings for better visibility and safety.
  • Weed control: Management of weeds to preserve the integrity of the infrastructure.
  • High-pressure railhead cleaning: Ensuring the cleanliness of the rails for optimal performance.
  • Ballast inspection: Monitoring the condition of the ballast to prevent failures.

This comfortable measuring vehicle offers a spacious work area dedicated to the analysis of collected data. It is equipped with laser equipment for detailed analysis of the track profile and its environment. Additionally, it has a radar antenna for thorough inspection of the railway tracks.