Led by the Société du Grand Paris, the Grand Paris Express is the largest infrastructure and development project in Europe.

It is widely considered the project of the century with the construction of 200 km of railway lines, mainly underground, and 68 new stations. It is on this pharaonic project that SOCOFER will bring all its expertise and know-how.

SOCOFER was named successful bidder in a consortium with 3 other companies in the market for the supply of part of the equipment intended to ensure the maintenance of the systems and infrastructures of lines 15, 16, 17 and 18. This VMI-LOC market consists of 17 locomotives, 10 pilot wagons and 20 standard and low-slung carrier wagons that can accommodate the different work modules.

The 1000 kW electric locomotives designed and manufactured by SOCOFER are dual-mode: 15kV catenary in the routing phase (up to 70 km/h) and lithium-ion railway batteries (NMC) on site for low-speed and power supply to the work modules.

Reliability, availability, performance and security are the key words of this project. All components and systems are rigorously selected to meet these objectives. The locomotive architecture integrates the redundancy of critical systems to ensure maximum availability.

Through this important market, SOCOFER confirms its position as world leader in the turnkey markets for Infrastructure Maintenance Vehicles.